Why Would I Bank With You?

This is what some of the banks in Ellijay and East Ellijay are saying: “We don’t want your business, GO AWAY!”

This is a personal rant about New Horizons Bank on Highway 515 in the Highlands Shopping Center (now it’s Citizens South). Let me say that name is fitting, because your policy of charging $3 to cash a check that IS drawn on your bank is going to send your customers south… to the competition. Recently, a friend wrote me a check for less than $50. I drove over to his bank, Citizens South, pulled up to the drive through window, all lanes were empty, and I tried to cash the check. The teller, who I must say was very apologetic, told me she would have to charge me $3 to cash the check because I don’t personally have an account there. I told the teller it was no problem, I will tell their customer that his check is worth $3 less than the face value, so he will need to get me cash. And that’s exactly what I did, I returned the check and asked for cash.

My question to Citizens South Bank is, “Why would I ever consider opening an account at your bank after this experience?”

I also had a similar experience with a $60 check that was made out to me personally and drawn on Regions Bank on Main Street in Ellijay. I drive up to the drive through window, once again I am the only one at the drive through just like my experience at Citizens South. I send in the check and my drivers license and the teller responds, “Do you have an account here with us?” I give the same response: “Isn’t the check drawn on this bank?” The teller then tells me that it’s bank policy that I can’t use the drive through if I don’t have an account, I must go inside. I didn’t bother going inside so I have no idea if there was a fee to cash the check drawn on that bank. I ask Regions Bank the same question, “Why would I ever consider opening an account at your bank after this experience?”

Let me just say that I understand the tellers are following the rules in an effort to keep their jobs, but you really need to tell management what type of message they are sending to POTENTIAL customers.

So far United Community Bank and C&S Bank have cashed plenty of checks at the drive through window without giving me any problems. BB&T has been great to deal with too. Let me know in the comments what your experience has been cashing checks in North Georgia.

This post was contributed by David Blizzard of Blizzard Computers.

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