Gilmer County School Board to Purchase Bank of Ellijay Building?

Rumor has it that the Gilmer County Board of Education will be purchasing the Bank of Ellijay building. The BOE administrators would make George Jefferson proud as they sing in harmony, “movin’ on up”! One has to wonder what gets in the heads of government officials once they take their position of power. With this economy, the closing of Oakland Elementary, loss of jobs for a number of teachers, why are the BOE administrators moving into posh new digs? Aren’t the empty fire stations fresh on anyone’s mind? What about the over-priced, over-sized, tax gulping courthouse? I guess when you get 70% plus of the taxroll you don’t really concern yourself with economics.

What has happened to America? The citizens have become servants to the state and the bureaucrats have become dictators with both hands as deep in the tax payer cookie jar as they can get. There was a time when traitors were dealt with swiftly but these days everyone is lined up, waiting for their turn to dip in the jar, often forgetting about the constitution, the struggle against British taxation, and the time when limited Government was something to be proud of.

The American dream has been reduced to holding a hand out for a piece of gubment cheese and taking out a 72 month loan on a new car that costs more than your parent’s first home. The State, Country, and its people are FUBAR.

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